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I don’t know about you, but I am excited and somewhat saddened this December as we approach the release of the Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies! I am excited because I, like many of you, have waited a long time to be able to see the Hobbit story in film. And here it is! Yet, I am saddened because this film marks what will be the last feature film in the Lord of the Rings universe – at least for a long, long time!I have always loved the Lord of the Rings books. And I was wowed and amazed by the original trilogy. The LORT trilogy so perfectly captured the epic scope, the grand themes, the intense emotions of what is one of the most loved trilogies in print. And yet, there was so much in the trilogy of books that was missing in the trilogy of films! How could any film capture all that J.R.R. Tolkin had written? It would be impossible…or so we thought.

With the almost complete Hobbit trilogy, it is the opposite. The LOTR trilogy took three lengthy books and turned them into three lengthy films, while cutting out much of the story along the way. The Hobbit Trilogy takes a single book and turns it into three rather lengthy films! In doing so, the filmmakers, helmed by LOTR veteran Peter Jackson, fill in a lot of the plot gaps left in the book of the Hobbit. Reports claim that this new information can be found in other writings by J.R.R. Tolkin but was never in the book of the Hobbit! While reading the Hobbit novel, it must be understood that there is much that is never revealed! For instance, where does Gandalf go when the Dwarf troop enters Mirkwood? In the book we aren’t told. It isn’t until the introduction to the Fellowship of the Ring that we get an answer. An account that never made it into the film baring the same name. Yet, in the Hobbit film, we see that, in fact, Galdalf is waging a war of his own against the rise of the feared Necromancer, who is revealed to be none other than the great evil nemesis Sauron!

As happens with all changes, there are many who are less than thrilled by the addition of the new material. Yet, there are also many who like me, are loving the expanded story! I love knowing more about what was going on behind the scenes that wasn’t written about in the Hobbit novel. I love seeing the battle scenes fully developed on the scale of the other Lord of the Rings stories. The films have made a fun and interesting book seem larger, darker, and far more epic.

And here we come down to an important point. What was written in the book of the Hobbit is what we needed to know. Namely, how Bilbo Baggins found the ring, how evil began to return to Middle Earth, etc. While the Hobbit novel covered what we needed to know, the cinematic Hobbit trilogy is showing that there is much more we could know!

Why do I bring this up? What does this have to do with the Bible? A lot actually!

First, we must understand that God’s Word has revealed everything we need to know, but not everything that we could know. It is everything we need to know…it is the complete written revelation of God! Nothing we needed to know was left out. If God wanted us to know more, He would have written it! But, it is certainly not everything we could know! And that is ok!

Secondly, the Bible is far more Epic than we can possibly imagine! There are the most heart-rending romances, the worst of enemies, the most heroic of heroes, and some of the most epic battles known to human history! We often watch movies like Lord of the Rings and get all fired up about the massive scope of the battles! We often overlook the massive scope of the stories of Scripture. One of these epic stories, and really one of the most underrated stories, is the story from Joshua chapter 10. We will be unpacking the message of this amazing story over the next few posts.

However, I will leave you with this thought. Quit wishing for and/or searching for new information to add to the pages of Scripture. Instead, learn and apply what is already there! It is everything you need to know to live the life God has called you to live!

Written by Pastor Dave Bertolini