Posted: January 29, 2014 in Pastor Posts

As we continue our mission to Make Disciples, one of the best ways to do this is through utilizing opportunities our culture gives us. One of these upcoming opportunities is Superbowl Sunday. What better way to get Christians rubbing shoulders with non-Christians than during the biggest sports event of the year! Everyone loves Superbowl parties. Whether for the game, the food, the hanging out, or the commercials, there is something for everyone.

Because of that, we are encouraging you to think about Superbowl differently this year. Do not think of it as a game to watch, but as a chance to reach out to that friend, family member, neighbor or co-worker. Get them together with a few of your Christ-follower friends. And then, just hang out! Throw the best party you can, with an intentional mix of Christians and non-Christians, and then let life happen. For more ideas on how to make a Superbowl party into an outreach opportunity, check out this blog post:

This year in particular lends itself to spiritual conversations. Many of the Seahawks are solid Christ-followers. In fact, The Resurgence has put out a free video online for you to use. There are clips of the video below. For the full video, use the following link:

The pastors and leaders here at GCC are praying for you as you engage in the mission of Worshiping God by Making Disciples.

Written by Pastor Dave


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