So What Can I Bring?

Posted: May 25, 2013 in Thoughts from the Elders

Today I turned 60 years old. I now start my seventh decade of being part of a church. I have to honestly say that it wasn’t until an little while ago, that I made a discovery that has changed my entire outlook on being a part of a church. This simple little philosophy has made my experience of going to church more pleasant and satisfying.

What is a common question that most ladies ask when they are invited to dinner at someone’s home, a picnic or a pot luck dinner? What can I bring? It is always rewarding to contribute to any effort that will bring people together for a common purpose.

Why should it be any different when it comes to gathering together to serve the Lord. In my younger days, the focus on my going to church was what I would receive from being there. Be it friendship, recognition or an answer to a question that I had been pondering.

What has changed my perspective is the idea, “what can I bring”. No longer coming to church with the goal of meeting my own wants or expectations, but seeking what do I have to offer that will help others in their spiritual walk. This way of thinking brings forth a wave personal freedom. First of all, freedom from disappointment. There is no disappointment in giving, only in receiving. Freedom from dissatisfaction. My father told me when I got married that one of the keys to happiness in marriage is finding happiness in one another’s happiness. If you only focus on your own needs then it is guaranteed that you are setting yourself up to be dissatisfied. How can you ever be dissatisfied in seeing the needs of others fulfilled.

There was a happiness study recently conducted with a set sum of money. Half the group was given the money and told to go out and get whatever they wanted. The other half was given the same amount of money and told to go out and give it to needy, homeless or worthy causes. After they tasks were completed they were tested to see who was the happiest. The words of Jesus rang true, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”(Acts 20:35)

This philosophy has changed my life. Coming to church is an opportunity to bless others. I encourage you next Sunday morning when your start to walk into Grace, ask the Lord, “What can I bring today?”

Written by Ken Stoller – GCC Elder


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