If life were a glass jar…

Posted: February 20, 2013 in Staff & Ministry Leaders

A couple of days ago I posted on Facebook all that I had gotten done on Presidents day.  I slept in, cleaned, cooked, exercised, finished cake balls with Heidi, walked my parents dog, read, watch my favorite show on Netflix, and read the daily bible reading (honestly did this while during commercials of another television show).  I was so proud of what I had got accomplished in that day.   

For the last month and a half the staff that meet on Wednesday mornings have been going through a book called “When the game is over it all goes back in the box” By John Ortberg.  For this weeks reading, the chapter was called “Fill each square with what matters most”.  In the chapter he had an illustration, pretend your day is a large glass jar.  All of your “have-tos” are sand; laundry, work, paying bills, picking up around the house, errands, shopping and so on…  As you do each one you fill your jar up with more sand, sand, and sand.  But there are four tennis balls that you need to put in that jar also.  Each tennis ball has a letter on it, G, P, C and J. 

G- stands for God

P- stands for People

C- stands for Calling

J- stands for Joy

To really fill each day the way as God intended our life to be we need to have each one of these tennis balls in there, plus the sand, the “have-tos”.

Back to my day I mentioned up above, I realized there was very little “G”, and very little “P”, no “C, and hardly any “J”.

What would my life look like if I put all the tennis balls in first, and than filled it up with the sand of the “have-tos”.  What of the “have-tos” could I put off (they will always be there) and work on making sure the tennis balls get put in first.    When he has used this illustration in front of a crowd of people he talked about the tennis balls, and put them in first and than he filled the jar with all the sand, and it didn’t overflow.  God made it so we have enough time to put Him, people (relationships), our calling and joy first, and still do what we need to do.

Written by Charisa Burbank – Director of Children’s Ministry


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