JOY Redefined

Posted: December 19, 2012 in Staff & Ministry Leaders

The children’s Christmas program at Grace was amazing! The children and youth of GCC, under the direction of Amy, Suzy, Michele and Charisa, did a wonderful job of presenting a great message in a very entertaining way!! As I listened to the song of JOY being sung and watched the JOY signs being flashed about by our joyful trio, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the acronym.




There are so many wonderful things that come with Christmastime; Christmas trees, lights, family traditions, gifts but whether you’re 3, 4 or 5 like the students at Grace Christian Preschool and Kindergarten, or older, it is easy to lose focus or get so busy that we neglect to contemplate and celebrate God’s greatest gift, JESUS. It is also easy to become self-centered forgetting that they are so many people with needs; material, physical, relational and most-importantly spiritual needs.

During this Christmas season the emphasis at GCP & K has been Jesus.  Our service to others has been collecting food for those in need.  It is in the simple lesson, of putting Jesus first, and Others before yourself, that You will find your heart full of JOY!  I needed that reminder in my personal life and not just at Christmastime but all the time.  I am grateful to the children and youth of Grace for that important reminder.

Written by Liz Fast – Director of Grace Christian Preschool and Kindergarten


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