2013 – A Year of Transitions

Posted: November 20, 2012 in Pastor Posts

As most of you know, this September, I will be leaving GCC as its senior pastor. I am fully confident that this is the Lord’s timing for GCC, Yvonne and I, and the next senior pastor of GCC. At the January congregational meeting, the Elders will be presenting Dave Bertolini for the GCC’s membership approval of him as their senior pastor. As the time draws near for your decision on that, I want to communicate a few things.

Yvonne and I love this church with all of our hearts; serving here has been the highlight of our ministry experience. We want the very best for this great church in the future! For several years I have wanted the church to have my replacement in place. Through the last 25 years in ministry, I have noticed that churches that go searching for a senior pastor after the departure of a long-term pastor often make a mistake in their choice. I believe the reason for this is a thing called “fit”. Most that would apply for the position can preach, some can manage, and to be honest, most can put on a good front in an interview, regardless of where they are spiritually. But even a great candidate for a pastor position will not fit in every church. When a mistake is made, it is painful for all involved: the church, its leadership and staff, and the new senior pastor and his family.

You will have the opportunity to make a decision on one of your own to be your next senior pastor. I have worked with Pastor Dave for six years now, and here is my input for the decision you have to make. First of all, Yvonne and I love Dave and Amy; Dave is respectful and has cheerfully taken on every task requested of him. He is hard working and gifted in preaching, leadership, and management. He has a needed fresh vision for GCC and its kingdom work. And most importantly, he loves this church. Bottom line is that it is up to the membership of GCC who their next senior pastor will be; I just wanted to give my two cents worth.

If Dave is voted in this January, I will remain the senior pastor into September and we will (kind of) co-lead through a time of transition. This will be an exciting time to be a part of GCC and its future!

Yvonne and I are also excited about our future and would appreciate your prayers in regard to our future service to God and His kingdom.

Love in Christ, Pastor Guy


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