Annual Budget Meeting Minutes 8/26/2012

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Mike Holsapple, Council Moderator, opened with prayer.

The proposed 2012-2013 budget has been posted and available for review for the past 2 weeks. Additional copies were provided for today’s meeting. The 2012-2013 budget is available here:

A few updates and improvements were made on the budget reports for added clarity based on feedback given during the July 29 congregational meeting when the budget was presented.

Internal Controls
An additional question was posed in the July 29 meeting regarding the internal controls that are in place around the church financial activities. Jim Cross presented a short presentation of the various controls that are involved in every step of the financial handling from the time money first comes in to the time it leaves. As a result of this question and additional review of existing processes, it was noticed that Jim processes the monthly payroll without additional review. Therefore, to add additional security, monthly payroll reports are now sent to Pastor Dave and Jodie Pearce for review. Everyone can be assured that no one person handles or processes money transactions alone or without a second person reviewing the activity including the collection by the ushers, counting and depositing, and all bookkeeping activity. All expenditures require review and approval from an authorized signer aside from the bookkeeper. Financial activity and reports are reviewed by Council each month.

Proposed Budget
The proposed budget for 2012-2013 assumes the existing rate of monthly contributions with a mild increase. There were no large increases to any individual ministry budgets over last year’s levels except in staffing, and that is to bring Pastor Ben on full-time which will include a health insurance expense.

Q: Is there anywhere in the financial reports that lists missions giving?
A: No. These are general activity reports. However, giving toward missions is reported to the congregation in the Annual Ministry Meeting each January.

Q: I recently saw some large numbers associated with the current HVAC needs. Where are those costs reflected?
A: This cost is not presented as part of the proposed ministry budget. This expense is being considered by Council separately at this time. No decisions have been made.

Q: Do you have an update on the debt incurred due to the recent facility upgrades?
A: We continue to make regular payments, and the balance is down to $115,000. We also now have $60,000 cash on-hand, so we remain very liquid which is a safe place to be.

Note: Pastor Dave mentioned that monthly financial reports are now published with the Council meeting minutes.

Comment: A suggestion was made to include a short overview of how to read and interpret the budget reports during the next congregational meeting to assist those who aren’t as used to interpreting such reports.

Comment: Thank you for a good, open, transparent meeting in July. It was a good discussion.

Jackie Lawson made a motion to accept the proposed budget as presented. The motion had a second and was approved by a vote of the members.

Senior Pastor
Pastor Guy thanked the budget committee for their time and work on developing this year’s budget. He also offered a special thanks to Jim Cross for his excellent and ongoing work with the finances of GCC.

Pastor Guy announced that he will be stepping down from the position of Senior Pastor as of Sept. 1, 2013. The Elder Board will be recommending the appointment of Pastor Dave Bertolini as Senior Pastor at that time. This proposal will be presented in the January 2013 Annual Ministry Meeting for a vote of the members. In the meantime, Pastor Guy encouraged anyone with questions about Pastor Dave’s plans, vision for the future, theology, etc. to meet with Pastor Dave, and if they have any questions or concerns about Pastor Dave to meet with the Elders. Guy desires that the entire GCC church family be a part of the selection of the next Senior Pastor.
Pastor Guy will remain the Senior Pastor, even after the January congregational vote, until September 1, 2013.
Pastor Guy prayed.

Closing Comments
– I hope that, in the future planning and discussions around leadership, Pastor Ben continues to be included.
– Compared to other Senior Pastor changes over the years, this seems to be a wonderful and peaceful transition process. It sure hurts to see Pastor Guy go, but I appreciate a much more positive transition experience. Pastor Guy, you will be missed!

The meeting was adjourned.


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