Council Minutes for the July 17, 2012 Meeting

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Attending:  Mike Holsapple, Blain Harris (Elder Rep.), Jim Cross, Daniel Porter, Guy Basso, Lavern Fast, Hugh Genualdi, Dave Bertolini

Pastor Dave opened with prayer.

June minutes were approved.

Budget Update – Jim Cross

Number of givers was up a bit in June.  To-date, we are still above the adopted yearly budget.  The cash on-hand has decreased mainly due to the paying out of the accumulated mission funds.  We have received the final distribution from the preschool for the year.  The budget activity remains in good condition.

Budget Committee Updates

The Budget Committee presented a draft 2012-2013 budget for review.  The proposed budget assumes about a 4% increase in general giving through the year.

There were noted increases recommended in the Youth fund to compensate Pastor Ben at full-time as well as the Worship fund to compensate Trish Daberkow and Bryan Luker for an additional 5 hrs per month due to the transition to two services.

Hugh made a motion to accept the budget plan as proposed.  Mike also moved to accept the budget plan.  The motion was carried to accept the budget plan and move it forward to the membership for review and comment.  The budget plan will be provided by Aug. 12 to the members for review before the Aug. 26 membership meeting.

The Compensation Committee also took some time to review the staff vacation policy and made the decision to leave it as-is for now.  At a future date, the committee plans to assign vacation hours based on position.

Old Business

Sanctuary Chairs – We previously discussed the needs for the Youth to have additional recreational and meeting space.  One option would be to replace the existing sanctuary pews with stackable chairs.  Pastor Dave provided a couple sample advertising packets from two different manufacturers.  Prices vary depending on style and desired features.

Council decided to utilize a small committee made up of a few volunteer church members to help make the chair selection and proposal.

Action:  Pastor Dave will solicit a few volunteers to help with the chair selection.

Thermostats – Hugh bought two new thermostats and sendors for installation on the 2nd and 3rd floor.

Note:  The A/C is not operational in the modular.  The window units are currently the only cooling option.  However, the A/C was turned on and left running all week, which was using energy unnecessarily.  Additional reminders will be posted.

Lawn Care – The current budget for lawn care is $3600/yr or $300 per month.  It was mentioned that we might be able to save some money and increase the provided services by considering a different service vendor.  Hugh contacted a local lawn maintenance provider, Jim Rodriguez, who will provide a bid for Council’s consideration.

Action:  Hugh will obtain a service quote from Jim Rodriguez.

Technical Equipment – Daniel reported that the  new copiers are all working and networked.  Password protection is not yet completed.  Current computers are set to print black/white.  A few people have been instructed on how to print in color only as needed.

Ceiling Leak – A potential ceiling leak issue in the Sunday School supply room on the 3rd floor was mentioned in the last Council meeting.  Daniel inspectd it, and it seems to be an old issue.  The insulation still seems nice and fluffy.  No repair is needed at this time.

Maintenance Team – Pastor Dave, Pastor Guy, and Hugh are still planning to meet in the near future to talk about putting together a maintenance team.

New Business

Women’s Restroom – Pastor Dave reported that there have been some funds donated toward finishing the women’s restroom upgrades, and it has been requested that the work be completed.  The donation won’t cover all of the needs.  However, Council approved up to $1000 to cover a changing table, couch, and vanity/table and mirror.  Pastor Dave will ask Amy Bertolini to oversee the completion of the project.

Action:  Hugh will hang the existing mirror. 

Action:  Daniel will install a monitor.

James2 Brochures – In February, Pastor Dave joined the James2 board, and the board has created a brochure to help promote the program through the community.  However, they don’t have an office or a budget for administrative costs, and the Elders have recommended that GCC help print the brochures for them on our new printers, which is significantly cheaper than having them professionally printed.  If GCC provided 100 brochures, it would cost about $12 for us to bless them ($.12 per color copy).  James2 would like to distribute the brochures at The Bounty produce market for the next couple weeks.  They may need additional brochures in the future if they decide to promote through additional locations or venues.

Hugh made a motion that we donate the copying of 100 brochures for James2 with consideration for future printings if needed.  The motion had a second and was approved.

Action:  Pastor Dave will follow-up with the James2 board to complete the printing.


“Grace University” – Pastor Dave has provided a logo design for GraceUniversity.  6 men will all be involved in the leadership of this effort.

Life Groups – Pastor Dave has a goal to add 8 new Life Groups in the Fall.  He has been able to identify 5 new group leaders and a few additional leaders-in-training.

Piano Replacement – The 2012-2013 Worship ministry budget was originally submitted with a request to replace the current grand piano with a digital keyboard.  The budget committee removed this line item from the proposed Worship budget so it could be considered by Council separately.  Council agreed that it would be best to sell the grand piano and use the funds to purchase the new equipment.  If additional funds are needed, we could take donations toward the effort. Pastor Dave knows of a vendor who deals in pianos who may be able to help.

Action:  Pastor Dave will check with Trish and the vendor.

Pastor’s Updates

Belize mission – The team has returned.  It went very well.  The Lord provided fantastic opportunities.  The team will be providing a report to the congregation in two weeks.

Door hangers – The first draft from was not acceptable, and we are still working with them to develop a document that will work.  The door hanger outreach is still scheduled for the end of August.

Two Services – The Pastors continue to work on the plan to move to two services in the Fall and are focusing on balancing the two services as much as possible.

Youth Mission – Pastor Guy will go pay a visit to the Youth team on their mission trip in Fairview this weekend, and Pastor Dave will be preaching.

Budget Activity in the Bulletin – There was discussion about a previous request to print simplified budget activity in the weekly bulletin.  However, it was decided to table this discussion for now.

Next meeting:  August 14

(If there are recommended changes to the budget after the July 29 meeting, then we will consider moving it up to August 7 if needed for more discussion.)

Pastor Guy closed in prayer.


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