Council Minutes for the June 25, 2012 Meeting

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Attending:  Mike Holsapple, Blain Harris (Elder Rep.), Jim Cross, LaVern Fast, Susie Futrell, Daniel Porter, Guy Basso, Hugh Genualdi

Pastor Guy opened with prayer.

May minutes were approved.  No discussion.

Pastor’s Updates – Pastor Guy

The Elder Board has been discussing the transition to 2 services in the Fall and all that it will affect including how to continue the Connection 101 time.  They would also like to pursue a door hanger outreach campaign in August.   Pastor Dave has been working to recruit new Life Group leaders to allow the ministry to expand in the Fall.

Budget Update – Jim Cross

We are still slightly ahead of the yearly budget by about $2000 this month.  However, we did see a drop in general giving between April to May.  There is concern that it may continue to decline during the summer months.

In April, the decision was made to make a $40,000 payment toward the Citizen’s Bank loan bringing the total balance down to $117,794.

Expenses are still being well-controlled.  If giving levels can be maintained, we should finish the year on-target with the adopted budget.

Budget Committee Updates

The Budget Committee met to begin reviewing ministry needs and cost estimates for 2012-2013.  They have almost completed a draft budget plan.

Noted discussion items:

* We are facing a possible increase in health insurance costs next year which will need to be factored in.

Action:  Jim will finish seeking exact quotes on the policies. 

*  Fund 17 – Children’s Ministries will likely need to change the Sunday curriculum structure with the transition to two services which could possibly increase the financial need for Children’s Ministries next year.  Research is still being done to look for the most cost-effective curriculum options.

*  We are expecting some increases in utility costs next year.

The Compensation Committee needs to meet to finish compiling recommendations as well.

The goal is to get the proposed 2012-2013 budget out to the congregation for review by mid-July.

Old Business

Hugh obtained a quote from CND Furnace for $250 for a thermostat and sensor.  We need two of each to finish the upgrade to the thermostats in the preschool rooms.  Hugh and LaVern will check to see if the current sensor is compatible and can be re-used.  Hugh and LaVern will perform the installation work.

A motion was made to expend $250 of the budgeted $500 to purchase two new thermostats.  The motion was seconded and approved.

Jim had no updates on the Employee Handbook at this time

Daniel reported that Children’s Ministries will be using 2 existing projectors and one existing projection screen in two classrooms to run media during Sunday School classes.  One additional projection screen was already scheduled to be purchased and will also be used.  Daniel continues to work on the set-up of the projectors and sound capabilities in both rooms.

Daniel also reported that the new copiers are now installed.  All staff computers have been linked to print to them in only black and white.

New Business

Pastor Guy reported that a door hanger outreach effort is being planned at the end of August to kick-off the new Fall service schedule.  The plan is to cover about 5000 homes inDallas, and the door hangers would be distributed by the Life Groups.

The cost is about $744.  Pastor Guy showed Council a sample of the door hanger design.

Pastor Guy also reported that Pastor Ben recently addressed the Elder Board about ongoing space limitations for the youth gatherings.  Although it’s tight quarters, he can probably make-due for the Bible teaching times, but he has asked the Elders to consider the options for more recreational space, including the idea of converting the sanctuary pews to removable, stackable “chairs”.  The Elders discussed this as a possibility with the caveat that certain use expectations and conditions would apply so as to protect the sound equipment, windows, worship equipment, carpets, etc. during activities.  The option of moving youth gatherings offsite was also considered, however it’s not a preferable option.  It was noted that converting to connecting chairs in the sanctuary could also add functional flexibility as well as a more contemporary look.  However, the Elders are seeking Council’s input to this idea and any other potential space options for the youth in the near future.

Action:  Pastor Dave will do some research on chair options and costs for the next meeting.

Pastor Dave has been assigned the task of forming a maintenance team of qualified people to support the ongoing needs of the church.

Action:  Pastor Guy and Hugh will get together with Pastor Dave to discuss how to proceed in organizing this effort.


Daniel reported that there is a large, moldy water-spot on the ceiling of the Sunday School resource/supply room on the 3rd floor.  It is unknown whether the roof may be leaking.  It is not anticipated to be a pipe issue.

Action:  Daniel will investigate it further and report out at the next meeting.

The next Council meeting will be July 17 at 6:30.

Council feels it will be important to meet in July but would like to be sure to give the Budget Committee and the Compensation Committee time to meet and finish planning.

Action:  The Compensation Committee will meet July 12 at 6:30 PM.

Action:  The Budget Committee will meet immediately afterwards at about 8:00 PM.

July 22 – Target date to deliver draft budget to congregation

July 29 – Target congregational meeting for budget discussion

Hugh closed in prayer.


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