Council Minutes for the May 8, 2012 Meeting

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Attending: Tim Howard, Daniel Porter, Susie Futrell, Pastor Guy Basso, Blain Harris (Elder rep.), Hugh

Absent: Lavern Fast

Pastor Guy opened in prayer.

Approval of Minutes:

Pastor Guy asked that the minutes be amended to reflect that “Pastor Guy and the elders” will look for a
new Council Moderator.

Blain moved that the minutes from 4/10/12 be approved with the amendment.

Daniel seconded.

Motion carried.

Pastor’s Report:

Pastor Guy reflected on some of the testimonies given by those who were baptized.

The Connections 101 class has been effective in reaching newcomers.

Mike Holsapple has agreed to serve as Council Moderator, beginning in June.

Blain Harris and Mitch Ratzlaff will serve on compensation committee.

Financial update to congregation will take place May 20th, closing the loop on Ben’s challenge.

Council wants to address two issues, debt reduction, and the increase in giving we have seen since
beginning of the year.

Daniel reported that the new processor for the sound system has been installed. The increase in sound
quality is very noticeable.

Financial Report:

Daniel reported that we have closed the gap in giving. Actual giving has exceeded the original budget
year to date.

Jim shared from the April financial reports. The number of giving units has increased by 50% since
December, and the number of givers making up the top 50% has doubled, indicating that the church is
growing a more stable and consistent financial base.

Our balance sheet is improving, with a cash balance of $101,555 at the end of April, and our liabilities
ratio decreasing significantly. Income is ahead of our original budget, and expenses are down.
Discussion ensued regarding how much cash we need to keep on hand. An appropriate balance is $55 ‐

Blain moved that we make $40,000 payment to Citizen’s Bank loan. Daniel seconded. All in favor.
Motion carried.

Budget Schedule and Meeting Update:
May 25th – Staff to turn in budget worksheets
Daniel will have economic forecast in beginning of June
Jim will have compensation committee work done by the end of June
July 10th – Council approves budget
July 15th – submit to congregation
July 22nd – Congregational input meeting
August 26th ‐ Congregational meeting

Budget Increase Requests:
Dave Bertolini is requesting:
1. Training of Life Group leaders with a guest teacher. $175 ‐ $200
2. Connecting points with visitors – postcard to newcomers, mailing personal card and gift.
$75/month x 4 months
3. 65 books, $55.34. Total of $555.34.
Daniel moved that the requested expenses be approved. Susie seconded. All in favor.

Visitation and Fellowship budget:
Dave needs to schedule meetings with prospective Life Group leaders.
Susie moved that we increase Dave’s visitation and fellowship budget by $250.00.
Guy seconded. All in favor.


Hugh has obtained a quote for programmable thermostats.

Keys for elevators have chains attached

Charisa is piloting new curriculum with a video component. Daniel is considering installing screens in
rooms upstairs.

Council gratefully recognizes Tim Howard and Annette Anderson for their faithful service as they depart

Tim Howard closed in prayer.

Email Addendum, 5/9/12

Copier Lease Contract:
Council handled the unfinished business of the proposed new copier lease by email following the
meeting. In January, Council approved a plan to replace our current copiers and color printer with two
more efficient machines that also copied in color ultimately savings us money and producing a better
product. We are currently paying $417 per month for the two existing copiers and over $800 a year in ink
for the color printer. Since then, we have negotiated an improved deal with IKON. A lease cost of $373
per month for two better machines, and reduced per copy cost of .006 for black and white and .06 for
color. Daniel proposed that we replace the current Preschool and Church copiers with new Ricoh
copiers extending our IKON service contract for 60 months.
Guy seconded, passed by majority. None opposed.


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