Council Minutes for the April 10, 2012 Meeting

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Attending: Tim Howard, Daniel Porter, Susie Futrell, Annette Anderson, Pastor Guy Basso, Pastor Dave Bertolini (Staff rep.), Blain Harris (Elder rep.), Hugh Genualdi, LaVern Fast

Hugh opened in prayer.

March Minutes were approved

Pastor’s Update

Pastor Guy shared with Council that he’s received good feedback about his current sermon series: The Teachings of Jesus Christ. He also shared that he’ll be taking a greater role in the leadership and training of the Belize Mission Team during Mike Moore’s absence and that during the past month he’s been dealing with people helping issues.

Looking ahead, Pastor Guy shared that he is planning a special baptismal service on May 6th, during which time he’ll also communicate an updated financial report to the congregation.

Pastor Guy told Council about Life Group planning that is underway for this fall, with a focus on recruiting new leaders to form groups, in response to the needs of those people within in our congregation without a Life Group home.  Pastor Dave added that he is actively scouting new leaders and is also researching study material.

Upcoming GCC Events:

4/27 thru 4/29—Women’s Retreat

5/6—Baptism Sunday

5/13—Youth Sunday

5/20—Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, 12:00pm

Children’s Ministries Funding Request

On behalf of Children’s Ministries, Pastor Guy shared with Council a note from Children’s Ministry Leader Charisa Burbank, requesting a restoration of funds (which had been cut due to budget revisions) for this summer’s annual GCC VBS Carnival. In addition to the request, he shared an itemized copy of proposed expenses for the event, totaling $1554.00. Moreover, Pastor Guy strongly advocated in favor of the Carnival, which he said is significant with regard to the evangelical mission of the church, adding that he also feels there is an expectation from within the community for us to produce this event in a high quality format.

Council entered into a lengthy discussion about the cost of the Carnival, the reduced ministry budgets, and the recent consistent uptick in giving.

Susie voiced concern that Charisa’s estimated food cost for the Carnival may be too modest, and was assured by Pastor Dave that the proposed amounts should be adequate.  Annette shared her opinion that this Council must be cautious in terms of financial decisions, in light of the recent remodel budgeting fiasco, and Blain added that we should take this decision back to the congregation for consideration. Daniel suggested that we ask for targeted giving for the event so that we can continue to use our general funds to continue to make up the steep deficits we experienced earlier this year. Tim cautioned Council against a hasty restoration of any of the ministry budgets, and voiced concern over the unpredictable economic patterns at large.

Blain made a motion to fund the carnival, and to communicate to the congregation the opportunity to help cover the cost and keep the budget recovery on track; all members of Council voted in favor.

*Note—Pastor Dave, Hugh, and Tim voiced concern that a special offering will only be successful if the congregation doesn’t divert any general fund giving toward the special fund.

Action: Pastor Guy will petition the congregation to give toward the VBS Carnival.

Financial and Budget info

In Jim’s absence, Daniel shared with Council that giving has continued a strong upward trend, though he’d not yet viewed the most recent budget report.  He passed out copies of the yearly giving tables and showed Council how the deficit’s been closed, but also showed that GCC continues to be in the red due to our loan with Citizen’s Bank.

Council discussed some of the challenges that many of our ministry leaders are experiencing while they attempt to operate on greatly reduced budgets for the remainder of the fiscal year.  Pastor Guy restated his concern that Council is being too cautious with spending, and petitioned Council to restore budget funds whenever possible.

In anticipation of the annual church budget process, Daniel said that both he and Jim are strongly determined to increase Pastor Ben’s status to full-time, which will require careful consideration of the overall budget, due to the additional cost of medical insurance. Council agreed with this issue as a priority.

Action:  Daniel will begin budget forecasting after May’s final numbers come in.

Action:  Pastor Dave will put the dates of the Budget meetings on the calendar so that the ministry leaders all have full access to the budget process and the congregation has adequate opportunity for input as well.

Action:  Jim will form a Compensation Committee consisting of two Elders and two Council members, none of whom shall be paid staff members, to decide on staff salary and benefit issues.


Employee Handbook Update

Pastor Dave shared with Council that he is still awaiting text revisions for the handbook.

Action:  Jim will work with Pastor Dave to update the health insurance and housing details in the handbook.

Thermostat Issues

LaVern told Council that there is an issue with a couple of the upstairs thermostats being bumped, and as a result, the heat is inadvertently being turned up. Daniel added that the problem is not limited to the upstairs thermostats; he says that there has long been a general misuse of the heating and cooling systems.

Council discussed several potential solutions to the problem and agreed that something needs to be done to secure the thermostats.

Action:  Hugh will look into the cost of sensors and protective locking covers.

Action:  Hugh will also take a look at the elevator key box and will try to find a tamper proof chain/screw to prevent the key from disappearing.

Council Resignation Announced

Tim Howard announced that he is resigning from his position as Council Chairman, and shared that he feels led to focus on the church prayer ministry and other areas of his life.

Action:  Pastor Guy will find a new Council Chairman to replace Tim’s position.

Pastor Guy closed in prayer.

The next meeting is May 8th, 2012, from 6:30 – 8:30 pm in Room 2.


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