Fundamentals of the Faith

Posted: March 21, 2012 in Staff & Ministry Leaders

The last few months I have been teaching with Lisa Hanson about World Religions with our 5th graders. It is always such a fun and interesting class. We learn about some of the weirdest ideas these religions have. One thing we keep saying to the kids, “You have to know what our core fundamental beliefs as Christians are.”  How can we really defend what we believe to someone if we really don’t know what we truly know as the Truth? There are so many variations on who God is, who Jesus is, is there a Heaven and a Hell, how we are saved. So many religions try to make themselves look like Christianity on the outside. They use the Bible where it fits in their beliefs but have other sacred texts that are valued more than the Bible. They have followers going to door to door, trying to get you interested in what they have to say. They will say things that sound so much like our beliefs, but when you dig just a little bit you will find so many contradictions within their own belief values. For example a couple of weeks ago we talked about Christian Science, you would think with the word Christian in the title, there would be some similarities but if you read a just little bit about them, there is nothing Christian in there beliefs.

So many things in our culture which are readily accepted have roots in other Religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and so on. We need to be careful about what we are doing and putting in our lives. We are to be a light in this world and stand out for Jesus, not blend in so far that no one can tell if we are followers and believers in Christ our Lord, or if we are in a religion that accepts other gods.

A Challenge for all of us:

    • Do you know the core fundamental beliefs of Christianity?
    • Do you have a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior? (No other religion states a personal, intimate relationship.)
    • Are you involving yourself in things that are rooted in other religions?
    • Are you standing out for Jesus?

If you are interested in a book about the different religions of the world, check out “Why so Many gods?” by Tim Baker. You can go to the Amazon store on our website, and find it under Charisa’s lists. The Handbook of World Religions is good also.

Written by Charisa Burbank – Children’s Ministry Director

  1. Christy says:

    Thanks Charisa and Lisa for teaching our kids how to defend our faith and minister to others by understanding how our beliefs differ from others religions.

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