Steadfast and Expectant

Posted: March 8, 2012 in Staff & Ministry Leaders

Steadfast and expectant; that has become the Prayer Ministry’s rallying cry these past few months. We are steadfast in our trust in God and in our continuing to look only to Him for provision; we are expectant that He alone can and will do great things at Grace Community Church.

As a ministry of GCC we have begun a new chapter with a time of prayer during the Sunday morning service. This began on January 1st of this year, and will continue indefinitely into the future. In the Gospel of Matthew (21:13), Jesus said that His house would be “called a house of prayer.” He was quoting from Isaiah 56:7 and challenging the ‘church’ culture of the day. That is what we want to do; what we want Grace Community Church to do. Let’s stand against a church culture that doesn’t expect God to hear and act, against a church culture that says ‘we’re good enough’, and against a secular culture that says ‘prayer doesn’t matter’ and ‘there is no sin.’

There are many trials and perils we face as individuals, families, a church, and even as a nation. Like the nation Israel found in its history, when they turned to God he healed their land and their wounds. There is no problem too small or great for God to handle. In fact, there are no problems He doesn’t already know about and waits longingly to solve for us, if we will only pray. Pray steadfastly and expectantly for His provision and healing, knowing He hears and He alone has all the answers.

Lets pray because God does hear, it does matter, there is sin, and no, we’re not good enough; but Jesus is!

Written by Tim Howard – Prayer Team Leader


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