Brother of the Savior!

Posted: February 17, 2012 in Staff & Ministry Leaders

James, the brother of Jesus, has given us one of the most practical books in the Bible.  I had never connected the dots before on the thought of these two guys growing up in the same household and sharing the same earthly parents and how that relationship developed before Jesus stepped out in the public arena.  There are only a couple of biblical references to the relationship of Jesus to his siblings before Jesus went to the cross, and it was obvious that these brothers did not believe that the brother that grew up with them was the Son of God.  In fact, you will see that they mocked him and his ministry, (John 7: 3-5).

But, something happened on the cross and with the resurrection; James was a changed man.  The Bible tells us that Jesus specifically appeared to his half brother after his resurrection and nothing was ever the same for him again.  Now, James not only believed that he had grown up with the Son of God; he became a steadfast pillar of the church and preached the doctrine of his brother.

“James, a servant of God and the Lord Jesus Christ”, those words come from a man that was humbled and transformed I hope I never forget the lessons I’m learning as I study this small, but mighty book from a man that lived with our Savior.

Written by Gerrie Bliven – Director of Women’s Ministry


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