Korah Rebelled, Moses Prayed

Posted: February 6, 2012 in Thoughts from the Elders

I’m reading my way through the Bible – the complete Bible – again this year.  Maybe twice.  Maybe more.  It’s a habit I developed years ago, and which became almost an addiction when Grace Church participated in the “Bible in 90 Days” endeavor last year.

Recently I was reading in the book of Numbers — in chapter 16 — about a man named Korah who ‘conspired’ with other two men, and together they incited a rebellion against Moses and  (the God-appointed leader of the Israelites), involving 250 other prominent leaders.  They approached Moses with the message (my paraphrase) “Who made you the boss?  We’re all people of God, what makes you better than us?  We have a better way.  We’re equally holy and capable of being leaders.”

Wow!  Strong stuff.  But then, that was a lo-o-o-ong time ago – this is now.  That wouldn’t happen in our modern, enlightened society, right?

We are all subject to wanting (demanding?) our own way.  We all have bouts with our will — struggling to be ‘top dog’.  “If the (pastor, youth pastor, children’s ministry director, ushers, worship team, prayer coordinator, pre-school superintendent, etc., etc.)  would do it our way things would be dramatically better…….”

But Korah (and his co-conspirators Dathan and Abiram) carried it further.  They ‘incited’ a rebellion involving hundreds of others.  They even went outside their own tribe (family).  Can’t you just imagine the back-room meetings, coffee-shop discussions, in-home gatherings, etc.?  These guys apparently made it their purpose (dare I say obsession?) in life.  At one point, they refused to obey Moses’ direction.

As we read further, we see just how displeased God is with those who intentionally spread disunity and rebellion among His people.  And it wasn’t pretty.  Let’s just say they, their families, and co-conspirators did not die a natural death.

One of the easiest ways we can fall away from God is to look at our present ‘problems’ and exaggerate them.  When we take our eyes off God and start looking at ourselves and our ‘problems’, we begin to lose our perspective as well.  Overrating problems can hinder our relationship with God.

What is God’s direction for your life, right now – today?  Ask Him.  To whom are you looking for direction?  The Korahs, Dathans and Abirams in your life?

Moses prayed.

Prayer.  Persistent, intentional, fervent, believing prayer is the answer.

Written by Chuck Baker – GCC Elder


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