A Message from Mark

Posted: January 31, 2012 in Staff & Ministry Leaders

We have been studying the book of Mark in our small group.  In Mark 2 as Jesus is preaching the gospel to a crowd he takes the time and heals a paralyzed man that has been lowered down through the roof.  Interestingly enough he does not say to the man, “You are healed” he instead says something that may seem profound, he says “Your sins have been forgiven”.  I believe that at that moment Jesus is proving to us just how much he cares for our soul above everything else and he knows how important it is that we strive to keep our soul clean as we learn to walk with him.  He could of healed the man physically but Jesus understood that the issue is much deeper than the appearance on the outside.  In that culture, if you were paralyzed or suffered from leprosy it was thought that the sickness was the result of sin in your life, we remember the story of Job.

Amen that our sins have been forgiven but, are we doing the necessary things to ensure that our souls remain clean?  Is there sin that needs to be dealt with in our lives in order for us to grow in our walk with God?  Do we care enough about our souls like God cares about our souls? Or do we worry about the external physical things that are all temporal?  This piece of scripture spoke to me in so many ways, read it and meditate on it and see what you come up with.

Written by Bryan Luker


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