November 2011 Council Meeting Minutes

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Attending: Jim Cross, Tim Howard, Annette Anderson, Pastor Guy Basso, Pastor Dave Bertolini, Blain Harris, Jody Pearce

Tim opened in prayer.

October’s Minutes were approved.

Pastor’s Update

Pastor Guy shared with Council that he is prayerfully considering topics for the next sermon series. He’s been visiting those from our congregation in the hospital, as well as tending to routine church administration.

Pastor Dave is preparing for the winter and spring Sunday school sessions, in addition to his general staff management duties.

Elder Board Changes

Pastor Guy informed Council that Blaine Billman has removed himself from the Elder Board, and that the Board is actively recruiting new Elders.

Council Changes

Council is also in need of new members to replace those who’ve fulfilled their term and have, or will, step down in the near future.

Action:  Tim Howard will look into our church Constitution to find the exact number of Council slots available.

Upcoming GCC Events:

12/4—Children’s Ministries Christmas Play

12/11—Choir Cantata

12/18—Jews for Jesus special presentation

12/24—Christmas Eve Service, 6:00pm

12/25—Christmas Day Service (no adult electives)

Remodel Project Update

The church remodel project is near completion, with only a few small items left to finish.  Council is very pleased with the quality of work, and discussed the project at length from the perspective of surveying the final results, as well as the actual cost.

Due to several change-orders, which brought the price of the remodel significantly beyond our initial budget, Council has decided to delay indefinitely the purchase of new furnishings for the fellowship hall, as well as further updates to the men’s restroom.

Some of the unforeseen items affecting our final cost involved the handling of asbestos in the fellowship hall ceiling, and an unanticipated amount of electrical wiring and plumbing encountered in the walls during the elevator installation.

Action:  Jim Cross is currently pursuing a full explanation for the cost of all change-orders from CD Redding. Once this process is complete, Council will discuss our options for payment of the final bills.

Action:  Council approved Jim to ask Citizens Bank for an increase to our construction loan.

Beyond the cost issues, Council discussed a few specifics regarding some of the updates:


Council is eager to see the elevator put to use for the sake of those who’ve had a difficult time accessing the fellowship hall via the stairs.

Action: Pastor Dave will help Charisa relocate the Children’s Ministry Station away from the elevator.

Action: The Ushers will continue training, so they are prepared to assist those who wish to use the elevator


Council was very pleased with the choice of wrought iron fencing along the back side of the church, adjacent to the fellowship hall.

Fellowship Hall Restroom

At the time of our Council Meeting, the basement restroom updates were still underway.  Council is extremely pleased that the remodeled restroom will be fullyADAcompliant, and therefore accessible to all of our congregants.

Monthly Budget Report

Jim Cross shared with Council that church giving is a solid 12% off. With concern, he added that a continuation in this trend will obligate us to make substantial cuts to our overall budget.

*Note—Please see the November 2011 financial report.

Round Table

Employee Handbook Update

Dave shared with Council that he is making great progress on the Employee Handbook.

Action:  Dave will continue to work with Council to edit the handbook.

Church Trailer

Several months ago the church the church trailer was stolen while parked on our property.  Now that the waiting period has passed, Church Mutual is releasing insurance compensation to us in the amount of $3000.00.

Free Church Bus

Council discussed an option for the church to acquire a 1990 short church bus, free of charge. Though the bus has many updated features, including a new diesel motor and a working handicap lift, Council felt it necessary to consider both the cost of seats (not included), and the monthly operational expenses.

Regretfully, Council feels it necessary to decline the offer at this time.

Community Garden Outreach

Tim Howard shared with Council how other churches inDallasare growing foods to donate to our local food banks.

Council likes the idea of serving the needs of those within our community, and will consider any organized plan of action for this type of project, though nothing concrete was presented.

Pastor Dave closed in prayer.

The next meeting is December 13th, 2011, from 6:30 – 8:30 pm in the Conference Room.


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