God’s Word: Relevant and Real!

Posted: November 21, 2011 in Staff & Ministry Leaders

It’s easy to think that a book that was written centuries ago may have some interesting stories, but is not pertinent in our contemporary society.  But, God’s Word is still a relevant resource for our lives today.

In our Ladies’ Bible Studies, we have been studying the lives of a variety of Old Testament women.  We have seen examples of extraordinary faith and boldness. Women like Huldah a prophetess, didn’t water-down the truth and lead the people without compromising to evil.

Sarah wanted to believe that God would bless her husband with an heir, but became impatient and tried to ‘help’ God.  Her plan turned her home to center of jealousy, discord and anger.  The offspring of her plan are still affecting our lives today with the bitterness, anger and unrest in theMiddle East.  Oh, if Sarah had only waited for God to work in His timing, we all would have been spared from this terrorism.  God has a better way, if we would only wait for Him.

And, God sees the unloved and showers them with His special love.  God saw that Leah was despised and blessed her with many sons.  Rachel, her beautiful sister, was loved by Jacob and God saw the injustice in the way she was treated.  It may seem that God doesn’t see what is happening in our daily lives, but He knows and has compassion.  It is a comfort to know that when those around us don’t seem to care, we can know that God cares.  Jacob loved Rachel, but God loved Leah.

When, we read our Bibles, let’s enjoy the stories, but look to see how these ‘real-life’ people lived their lives.  Are they an example for us to follow or do their actions warn us that disobedience has consequences?  The setting and circumstances may be ancient; but their emotional and spiritual responses still tell a story for us today.

Written by Gerrie Bliven


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