October 2011 Council Meeting Minutes

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Attending: Jim Cross, Susie Futrell, Chuck Baker (Elder rep.), Blain Harris, Tim Howard, Annette Anderson, Pastor Guy Basso, Daniel Porter, Pastor Dave Bertolini

Pastor Dave opened in prayer.

September’s Minutes were approved.

Pastor’s Update:

Pastor Guy shared that he’s received excellent feedback on The Forgotten God sermon series and that the topic is progressing well and seems to be touching people.

Pastor Dave shared that he’s received positive feedback for all of the new adult Sunday school electives and that attendance is up. He also reported that weekly Small Groups are off to great start, as is the men’s Tuesday morning weekly Bible study.

Upcoming GCC Events:


11/6—Special speaker during Sunday Worship Service: Dr. Barbieri

11/13—Baptism Service

11/6—Connections 101 Class (this class will run for 3 consecutive weeks.)

12/18—Jews for Jesus special presentation

Remodel Project Update:

Chuck Baker took Council on a tour of several areas within the church where updates have been underway.

Pastor Dave’s Office:

The carpet, paint, and window coverings in Pastor Dave’s office have been replaced.

Fellowship Hall:

The fellowship hall has undergone extensive updates, including new floors, carpet, paint, wall treatments, asbestos encapsulation, and wheelchair access improvements—including an elevator lift and restroom update, improved lighting, and sound system updates.

Additionally, the kitchen has been updated with new counter tops, appliances, paint and new flooring.

At the time of Council’s tour, many of the updates were still in progress.


In addition to the fellowship hall updates, there is new carpeting, paint, wallpaper, and lighting in part of the foyer and the women’s restroom, as well as new drinking fountains.

One of the classrooms used by Grace Christian Preschool needs carpet/paint repair due to major structural intrusion caused by the new elevator lift.

Action: Chuck is pricing carpeting options for the preschool classroom and will proceed with improvements.

Chuck took Council outside of the building, directly adjacent to the fellowship hall.  Updates were still underway with regard to the cement walkway and fencing. Chuck explained to Council that many of our updates have been a matter of strict adherence to safety codes enforced by the city.

Action: Chuck will continue to work with the contractors of CD Redding until the project is complete.

Fellowship Hall Furnishings:

Denise Trowbridge of Design Studio Interiors submitted her furnishing recommendations and price bid for the newly updated fellowship hall in the amount of $4195.00. Upon consideration, Council felt this was an expense that could be trimmed.

Action: Annette, Yvonne Basso, and Linda Shryer, will shop for furnishings with a budget of $3000.00.

Aside from furnishings, the fellowship hall updates and all associated improvements are expected to be completed within the month.  As of October 31st, the basement area is currently open and available for use.

*Special Note—Council wishes to thank Hugh Genualdi for his extraordinary contribution as an electrician to the remodel project.

Monthly Budget Report:

Jim Cross shared with Council that financial giving was 13% below forecast for the months of May thru September, and that we are currently not meeting our operational budget expenses.

*Note—please see the separate financial statement included in this report.

Building Use Requests:

Tom and Amy Gilson have requested use of our facility as a place to conduct childbirth classes a few times a year. The class size would range from 2-5 couples at a time.

Action: Council approved this request as long as there are no scheduling conflicts.

The organizers of File of Life have requested the use of our facility to conduct a workshop.

Action:  Council approved this request and agrees to have the church promote this event in an effort to support our local community

Round Table:

Council discussed the church’s required service plan for our new elevator lift. A company called Elevator Solutions has agreed to waive their normal set-up fee if we agree to enter into a contract plan with them.

Action:  Council agreed to a contract plan with Elevator Solutions at the cost of $15.00 per month. Pastor Dave will be the contact person on file with the company in the event of an emergency.

Daniel shared that he is researching the most economical solution for a cell phone for our church nursery.

Action:  Council approved Daniel to move forward with a phone and plan at his discretion.

Pastor Guy shared with Council the vision for a home inPerufor our friend, Juan Roman, and his family.

Action: Council agrees that this is a worthy cause and that the church should promote and raise funds for this family.

Chuck shared with Council that the modular has been re-roofed.

Pastor Guy requested prayer support for the Elder Board as they nominate new members

Blain closed in prayer.

The next meeting is November 8th, 2011, from 6:30 – 8:30 pm in the Conference Room.


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