A Spirit Hungry Life

Posted: November 5, 2011 in Thoughts from the Elders

As I go through this crazy life, at almost 42 years old I sense a pivotal time for the western church and it is a great time to have a shot of the Holy Spirit.

I am talking about a new found energy. In that energy there must be a cry out for God to move mightily in our churches once again. Have we taken him for granted at times? Do we want the Spirit to guide us in our thoughts and in our lives? Do we settle for the mundane and down deep we don’t expect God to work at all?

We have been studying the Frances Chan book The Forgotten God and several thought provoking things have risen to the surface for me. Am I just playing church every Sunday by just going through the motions? Or, am I preparing myself spiritually throughout the week through reading the Word, having fellowship with others, praying and helping others? Am I living a life that is pleasing the Holy Spirit or am I continually building a wall between us that keeps me from having a full relationship with Him which results in separation from Him?

I want to challenge each of us to take an honest assessment of where we struggle in our walk. Can we show others the love of God when we have none ourselves? Or, do we want to even take the time? When we gather each week and worship the “ONE” and the “ONLY” do we come looking to be satisfied ourselves or do we come to honor him for who he is? What would our church look like if all of us had a new found energy for the Lord? That is the challenge!

Let’s strive for this together…

Written by Bryan Luker


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