September 2011 Council Meeting Minutes

Posted: October 12, 2011 in Uncategorized
Attending: Blain Harris, Tim Howard, Pastor Dave Bertolini (Staff rep), Daniel Porter, Blaine Billman (guest).We opened the meeting in prayer.

Pastor’s Update

Pastor Dave:

Dave is finishing up the Creating Communities message series and Community 411 interviews this weekend (9/18).

Guy and Yvonne are returning from their Peru mission trip and will be taking the Sunday School hour on 9/25 for a report.

Fall Life Group potluck is on 9/14 and home groups begin meeting on 9/21.

New Sunday School classes begin on 9/25.

We are hosting the Jews for Jesus on December 18th. They will be speaking on Hanukkah during the message time and will speak on the name of Jesus during the Sunday School.

We have a ministry blog updated weekly with information regarding a different ministry each week.

GCC has an Android app out and a MAC compatible app is forthcoming for downloading messages, calendars, and blogs.

Church Improvements:Construction:
We toured the remodel project of the Fellowship Hall and are excited about the progress so far. We noted the possible need for insulation in the ceiling to baffle the sound from upstairs, Dave will look into this. Dave will also talk with Denise, Angela Stockdall, and Linda Shryer about furniture.

New Business:

Several nursery pagers have stopped functioning and either needing fixing or replaced. Tami Speelman received several quotes regarding our options. We approved replacing the current pagers.

The Council will begin updating the GCC Employee Manual. Our first task is to review the manual in its current state.

Dave closed in prayer.


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