Reflections from Peru

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Pastor Posts

GCC Family,

It is great to be home from Peru. Thank you for the opportunity to serve the Lord there. It was a fruitful time with several coming to faith in Christ and the Body of Christ being built up. It is such a blessing to me personally to be able to serve in that way.

Being there always impresses a few things on my heart. First of all how we, GCC, are part of a worldwide mission and the body of Christ, second how much I miss and love my church family, and third how blessed we are to live in the USA.

With these on my heart I would request that you ask yourself how you are functioning as a part of the church the body of Christ and its mission, do you love your local church and show that love, and finally do you pray for our country, its leaders?

Having gotten back my mind has turned to the upcoming sermon series “The Forgotten God”. I will pray that it blesses and impacts your life.

Love in Christ, Pastor Guy


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