GCC Annual Budget Mtg: Aug. 21, 2011

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Tim Howard opened in prayer.

Budget packets were handed out at the door.

Pastor Guy introduced testimonies from Jody Sneeuwagt, Kyle Stockdall & Tom and Jill Waugh regarding how the different ministries at Grace have touched their lives.

Pastor Guy prayed and introduced Jim Cross for budget presentation.

Jim started off with summary of the proposed budget.  Contributions for fiscal 2011-12 are expected to be flat. Given the uncertain environment, our spending will remain about the same.

Reductions were made to some line items to bring the budget more in line with actual historical spending.  This provided resources needed to give equity pay increases to three key staff that need to be brought up to a pay level that is commensurate with their responsibilities.

The meeting was then opened to questions.

Discussion Topics:

Communication – concerns were raised regarding the level of communication prior to the budget meeting and council meetings.  Pastor Guy & Tim Howard agreed that we can improve those areas saying we would post council agenda on website prior to meetings each month.  Pastor Guy stated that we will improve communication with budget process & congregation for the next budget year.

Church members & attendees are encouraged to ask questions and give feedback to council members at any time during the year.

Staff Changes – clarification was given regarding staff changes made at beginning of 2010-2011.  The Elders reorganized the church staff, eliminating two positions and reassigning those responsibilities.  These changes provided funds for an expanded Youth Pastor role and a new worship position.  Annette Anderson & Yvonne Basso’s positions were eliminated/reassigned.  Ben Potloff’s position was expanded and Bryan Luker’s paid position was added. Yvonne’s duties were reassigned to Pastor Dave primarily and some other staff members.  These changes are reflected in the 2011-12 budget.

Motion was made for budget to be passed as is.  Motion was seconded.  Motion passed by majority of members.


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