Thoughts from a GCC Member

Posted: August 31, 2011 in Thoughts from the Elders

Kelleigh and I are in Isaiah right now and I noticed something in chapter 20. For three years Isaiah ran around “stripped and barefoot” to illustrate the LORD’s oracle concerning Egypt, who were to be led off to Assyria with “buttocks exposed.”  That’s commitment baby.  I’m not sure how I would respond if God asked me to operate my business naked for a day, much less for three months, in order to deliver a message (and to Egypt no less, not even Israel). I suppose I need to consider Isaiah’s obedience and fear of the LORD. Lessons in faith abound throughout His Word. What a blessing it is to know what HE thinks about things and how I need to evaluate my life and decisions and make sure that they are in alignment with Him. It’s just like Mark Driscoll quoted in Vintage Jesus, if I obey and observe the first two commands, then the other 600+ automatically fall in line.  It’s a daily decision to walk with and for Him.

Mitch Ratzlaff (GCC Elder)


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