GCC August Council Meeting Minutes

Posted: August 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Grace Community Church

Council Meeting Minutes


Attending: Jim Cross, Blain Harris, Tim Howard, Pastor Dave Bertolini, and Susie Futrell.

Jim opened in prayer.

July minutes were approved.

Pastor’s Reports

Pastor Dave reported that he and Pastor Guy are gearing up for the fall sermon series. They will be preaching along with the small group series that all the groups will start with. Small groups and kids club will kick off on September 14th with a potluck.

There will be three Sunday school classes offered this fall. One geared toward new believers/seekers; one class on bible study methods; and a class on prayer.

Christy Hiebert has started as Church janitor, and seems to be a great fit!

Old Business

Construction Update

Chuck was unable to attend, however he did provide a written summary of progress.

There have been some items discovered that will have to be addressed. In demolishing the downstairs bathroom, some water damage was found in the nursery bathroom floor. The floor may need to be replaced.

It was suggested to the council that Pastor Ben’s office be relocated to the main building. Different options have been suggested, however at this time the best option seems to be to relocate Ben to the Mail Room. Denise has been consulted on the best use of the space, and feels it can be effectively arranged. The work would take place in addition while we are doing the current remodel. Estimated cost of converting the mailroom is in the neighborhood of $1,000. Council approved Ben’s relocation.

Action:  Chuck will continue to work with contractor and designer to keep costs down and project on schedule.

New Business


2012 budget will be available for review online by August 12th. Church members will be asked to submit any questions arising before the congregational meeting if possible so they can be addressed in full. The annual congregational budget meeting will be held during the Sunday school time on August 21st.

Nursery Pagers

The nursery is down to 3 working pagers; Tami Speelman has requested that 10 refurbished pagers be purchased at a cost of $390. The council agrees that the nursery must have a viable system in place for the nursery, however, it was noted that many of the pagers were twice refurbished already under warranty.

Action: Dave will talk to Tami Speelman and Daniel Porter about checking into other options to make sure we are making the most informed decision on this issue.

Susie closed in prayer.

The next meeting is September 13th, 6:30pm in Building A, Rm. 2.


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